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Four Most Common Fears of Owners When Selling Their Home

Four Most Common Fears of Owners When Selling Their Home

A Spanish group of real estate professionals, AGORA MLS, analyzed the different real estate markets in the world and announced the five most common fears that people face when selling their property:

1. Sell at a low price

The concern arises after the sale operation has been carried out. And just like buyers who fear paying for others, they perceive receiving less than what the property actually is worth. Statistically the sales that are made quickly, is because it has the right price in the market.

2. Market reactions

The questions arise once the property is for sale, including: “will generate interest in people?”. These doubts usually dissipate once potential buyers begin to ask about the property.

3. The buyer does not move forward

This happens once the seller already has an offer on the property, the paperwork continues, but suddenly paralyze the transaction. Usually, it usually happens because of job loss, financial problems, or great stress on the owner, such as moving.

4. Few offers

The visits is one of the topics most touched by the owners, since a large number of people touring the property does not imply that it will have offers. Everything will go hand in hand with the price and market demand.



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