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Security as Part of Your Property

Security as Part of Your Property

The security issue is one of the most important to have your own home, that is why we help you with some systems that allow you to protect whether they are in the property or not.

Protect the entrance
This is one of the main access points for thieves. Therefore, there are several types of doors that will help you avoid it: there are security, armored and armored. The first ones are cheaper than others, since they are reinforced in several aspects. There are also so-called “invisible” locks, which are installed inside the door and are inappreciable from the outside, so it is impossible to force them, since they are opened through a control and are really practical.

Secure windows
Another weakness is the windows, so if you are remodeling or plan to do it is better to install models with profiles, hardware or safety glass. These work perfectly when you live in a house. If on the contrary you want to keep the old windows you can place grilles or doors with internal locks.

Install a surveillance system.
In the market there are multiple companies that allow you to hire the one that best suits your needs, house or building.

Do not leave valuables in sight
Keep them in places far from sight, so as not to attract attention from unwanted people, they can later carry out a robbery. Also, move them away from the windows, as they can be seen from a distance.

Make your house look inhabited
Do not leave your house or apartment completely closed, always leave some system of lighting timed lights or radios. Since this will keep the look of curious to watch the empty homes.

Smart security
Currently the technology has advanced and made great strides, this has helped to protect our home with CCTV surveillance system, having the possibility of accessing cameras from your mobile device.



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